About Me

Hi, I Am Veronica Sutherland

I am passionate about serving God through service to others and am a Christian author, speaker, and coach.

I help Christian wives, who are struggling to find happiness in their marriages and who are considering divorce, to strengthen their relationship with God so that they can revive the love and joy in their marriage, using Biblical principles and prayer support.

My 37 years married to the same man, 40 plus years’ experience in Family Life Education and Christian Education has given me a unique perspective on marriage centered on Biblical principles.

My marriage is not perfect. For many years I struggled. I felt unheard, ignored, invalidated and misunderstood. I was ready to throw in the towel. Through prayer God revealed changes I needed to make if I wanted to enjoy my marriage.

I now feel led to share the keys I have learnt with Christian wives who are frustrated and feeling unheard, misunderstood, disrespected and bleeding inside because of the consistent hurt.


What I Do for Kingdom Wives?

I help Christian wives to divorce-proof their marriages so they can enjoy intimate, passionate connections with their spouses