Group Coaching: Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

A 12-week group coaching program for Christian wives desiring to reignite joyful, intimate, passionate connections with their spouses..

Individual Coaching: Kingdom Wives Retool

A 12-week individual coaching program for Christian wives wanting to restore the love, peace and joy in their marriages.

Individual Coaching: Kingdom Wives Power-up

A four-week individual coaching program for Christian wives to reconnect with themselves so they can be the person God intended them to be. They will show up confident, extremely happy and at peace with themselves.

Retreat: Kingdom Wives Restored

A virtual half-day retreat for Kingdom wives who want to fill the part of their hearts that have been lonely and empty to be restored to God for themselves, their marriage and other relationships.

Mini Course: Self-Care for Kingdom Wives

A mini self-help course to empower Christian wives to practice self-care so they can be intentional about being happy regardless of other people’s attitude towards them.